School Education

We praise God for the His manifold blessings and His guidance for last one year in our project.  The objective of our project is “Releasing the Children from poverty in Jesus Name”.  The compassion works towards molding and equipping the children to become change agents and to make them fulfilled Christian adults.  
We have 242 registered children and 7 unsponsored children, school going children are 136, intermediate are children 60 and 46 diploma children.   We have 6 full time administrative staff members, 3 supportive staff, 5 part time child counselors and 3 vocational teachers are working in the project.  In the month of May, Rev Johnson was appointed as Project coordinator. 
The project work extended to 20 villages and 5000 people are covered. We have number of activities to help the children grow in holistic way; the children are nurtured in different aspects such as, in cognitive, spiritual, physical and socio-emotional dimension. The project activities were developed according the Multiple Intelligence of children, so that the project can make an in-depth impact among the children and parents.
Physical Development:

  1. Nutritious food: Children were given nutritious food in order to develop their health and free from illness, nutritional deficiencies. 
  2. Village HIV/AIDS awareness program: The “Kinnera” team conducted cultural program on HIV/AIDS at Gudisavarpalle through small skits and dramas. There were about  300 people got awareness on HIV/AIDS,  causes, prevention and Management of the HIV/AIDS.
  3. World AIDS DAY:  On 1, December 11, with AMC , the compassion children took part in world aids day rally, started from AMC main office to siddamagaripalle, Thurakapalle, Sevanandapuram colloney, Nallamandlapalli, Shanthinagr and Kothapet. 
  4. Medical screening: Children from 3rd to Diploma were screened by Dr, Venkataramana and B.Sc nursing Student and found 6 children were identified with physical illness and interventions had been taken. Outcome: Through this children were under gone screening and they were in good health condition and the needy children were treated and given medicine.
  5. A class on personal hygiene classes were conducted on different dates (8..4.11, 19.11.11, 18.2.12) for children from 2nd to intermediate children and focused on how to keep our body hygienic, dental, ear & eye care and limbs.  These classes helped the children to have basic knowledge and how to take of their health by themselves.  
  6. Awareness on Sexual behavior: on 13, October, 12, the girls from 7th class onwards attended the classes on sexual behavior.  The different topics were covered like, relationships, the physical changes and emotional stress during early and young adulthood. These classes helped the girls to understand the good and bad towards their relationship with opposite sex.


Spiritual Development

  1. Singing competition: The children from 3rd - Intermediate took part in singing competition.  The children practiced with musical instrument and exhibited their God given talents. The selected children took part in second phase and became eligible to participate in final round, those who got good voice, rhythm, timing (ragam, thalam, pallavi).  
  2. CCIP: Every second Saturday, the project children had an opportunity to spend time in prayer and praise and worship, and edified with the word of God.  The children were divided into groups to pray for identified needs. Outcome: Children have been showing the spiritual development and bringing change in their behaviors by spending time in the presence of God.
  3. Film show Children from 3rd to Intermediate were exposed to film show on spiritual and moral.  Through these activities children came to know the life history of Jesus and learnt the qualities of Jesus Christ and also learnt the 10 commandments.


  1. Retreats: On November, 2011, the retreat was conducted for all the age group children.  The objectives of this retreat was to : Strengthening the spiritual life of children, To teach how to “walk” along with God. To make children to know the purpose of God’s “Creation” and how to enjoy the creation To give knowledge “Career”

Through these retreats children strengthened their spiritual knowledge.  They realized how they are walking in the path of Jesus and also came to know the purpose of God’s creation.  Children the age group of 12 to 18 years they came to know about the career.  What are the types of careers they have and how they have to move forward.

  1. Vacation Bible School: The ten days’ Vacation Bible School was conducted from April 24 -  May 3rd, for LKG to 10th class children.  There were about 400 children attended the VBS and strengthened their spiritual knowledge. The intermediate and diploma children of the project took classes for the children. The lunch and snacks were distributed for all the children.   Outcome: Through this activity children leant many new Bible stories, Memory verse and different action songs.  So through this children are strengthened their spiritual life. 
  1. Thanks giving prayer was conducted on July 1st and January 2nd, for God’s guidance and blessing throughout the year. Outcome: Children and staff could thank God for all the things he has done in the project, Individual life and family lives.
  2. CYAM: From June 4th to 9th, CYAM (Compassion Young Adults Meet) was conducted for Diploma children at OM center, Hyderabad.  The theme was “Faith to overcome Freedom” The different resources persons were invited to   equip the children spiritually.  Through different sessions children were motivated and strengthened in Physically, Socially, Cognitive and Spiritual knowledge. The graduation ceremony was conducted those who had planned completion. Children could show their gratitude towards their sponsors and could show success in their life and also able to learn many things on Bio-data writing, attending an interview, building family relationship, conducting devotions etc.,


  1. Bible quiz & Bible verse memorization: The Bible Quiz was conducted for children from 3rd to intermediate.  The children were asked to read John’s gospel chapter 1-5. This helped children to memorize the scripture and had deeper knowledge on bible. Outcome: 90% of children could read the portion and participate in the competition.  Nearly 60 % of children could memorize.  More than 10 verses from that book and built their competitive spirit.
  1. Staff Christmas: On 2.12.11 all the staff of ASC -431 visited the Nandyal Project for Christmas program. The staff members, those who worked for more than 10 years were honored.


  1. Prayer Cells: Every Friday the interested children are attending the fasting prayer. The number of children is showing interest and testified that how God answered all their prayers. Outcome: Through this children are developing their spiritual life and also sharing their witness what God has done.
  1. Youth Seminar: Youth seminar was conducted for all the age group of the project children.  The different topics were covered like, “Spiritual Nurture” and spiritual career and “Moral values”.  The objective of the retreat was nurture children spiritually and to make children to know about their responsibilities.


Cognitive Development:

  1. Fees: Every month from 3rd to Diploma children’s school/college fees were paid to continue their studies.  Objective of paying fees is to make children to have good career and to exhibit the motivation and skills to become self supportive. Outcome: 95% of children showing progress in their career by continuing their studies. 
  2. G.K. Quiz: On 30.9.11 children from 3rd to inter were conducted GK quiz and questions were prepared by staff on current affairs. Outcome: 90% children performed very well and enjoyed this and showed good result.
  3. Drawing competition: Children from 3rd class to 10th class they had practice for drawing competition.  The vocational instructor taught basic principles in the drawing; the interested children took part in drawing competition. Children those who did well they have been selected for final drawing competition.
  4. Spoken English classes were conducted on every Wednesday and Thursday of every week for children from 3rd to The basic grammar classes were taught and children are encouraged to speak in English.
  5. Embroidery training skills: The interested children underwent training skills like, embroidery, handicrafts, Stitching Hand Kerchiefs, Candles making, Flower vase making,  Knitting and krosha work, Greeting cards making etc. Outcome: Children made Kerchiefs, made candles they were used for Christmas program, made flower vase, by knitting they put small pouches with woolen, and they also made greeting cards and sent to CBV Office.  By doing this children are developing their creativity.
  6. Tailoring: The selected children attended tailoring classes and learnt the Hemming, Buttons, Hooks stitching, Khaja stitching, and stitching of torn cloths. Children learnt to stitch torn cloths and doing hemming for new cloths and also stitching buttons and hooks.


Socio – Emotional Development

  1. Elocution: The interested children took part in elocution and topics were assigned by concerned staffs. Children actively took part and exhibited their talents.
  2. National Festival: On 15.8.2011 children took part in national festivals celebration and selected children were asked to prepare for speeches.
  3. Parents meetings were conducted in different villages and parents were given awareness on the Importance of Education, Responsibility of parents, Children’s progress in all the areas and value of sponsorship.  All the parents came to know about their children’s performance and value of education and sponsorship.
  4. Counseling: Children were taken regular classes on Moral behavior, Attitudes, Christian values.  Children are guided, molded and shown the way where they should go and how to set a goal, how the goal should be and how to achieve it. The children were encouraged and positive attitudes are seen after the classes

After from the budged activities the project conducted several unbudgeted activities in order to develop the children in different areas.  Many occasions the local resources are used to implement the planned activities, for example the local Pastors are used to take classes for the children.  Pastor Lazar was very helpful for conducting counseling classes for the children especially the teen agers.
In several occasion the Project Director Dr. Wesley, motivated children to be focused on studies.  He insisted children are agent of transformation and they should bring healing in the church and community. He regularly visits the project and gives constant support and suggestion and monitoring the work as well.  
The Project Advisory Committee meeting was conducted once in four months. The committee members provided valuable contribution for the growth of the project.  The Partner Facilitator Mr Prithiv Samkumar visited the project 4 times for the facilitation, and given valuable suggestion for the development of the project.   He encouraged the staff to take new initiatives in the project towards the holistic development of the children.
The different staff development programs were conducted in order to equip the staff members.  The SRA training program was conducted for the quality letter writing.  The CDAs underwent 2 levels of training program in order to become more informed and equipped to bring the development among the children.
The curriculum implementation training was conducted for the CDAs & CC at AMC in order to deliver the curriculum in appropriate manner.
The Project Coordinator attended the CIV proposal workshop in Cuddapa, how to tap the resources in order to bring the development in the project.  One of our project Child Moni Michael was honored in CBV for under 16 football selection in national level.
We praise God for all His help towards our project to impact in the life of the children.


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