I will praise the Lord at all times and his praises shall be continually be in my mouth. 

We are extremely happy to submit the annual report of our Katrina Moller College of Nursing & School of Nursing year April 2011 – 31st March 2012.

Keeping the vision and mission of the Institution the faculty of Katrina Moller College & School of Nursing has worked hard throughout the year.

Along with Arogyavaram Medical Centre the faculty of the college also felt the need to prepare committed Christian Nurses who would render service to the poor and needy people in and around Arogyavaram Medical Centre.

The college has gone for 6th batch of B.Sc. admission.    Advertisement was given on all the   Telugu & English newspapers.  Dinathanthi, Eenadu, Sakshi etc., Applications were issued both for GNM and B.Sc., (N) courses.

Interviews were called and candidates were selected for Management and Government Quota B.Sc. 15 and GNM 25.

The remaining candidates were allotted by Govt.,  At present the 2011 April admissions were GNM – 25 and B.Sc. 37.  We are giving opportunity for the male candidates to study in our college.  21st February 2011 Lamp lighting ceremony was conducted for the new batch of students.  Chief Guest was Dr. Leah Macaden Professor  in CMC.

Keeping the curriculum in mind the time table was set, the clinical exposure was given according to the requirement.

The First year students were exposed in the basic units to provide bedside nursing case.

The Second batch both GNM & BSc (N) were given opportunity in Medical & Surgical units.

  • The 3rd year GNM & BSc(N) were given opportunity to deal in the Pediatric Unit of maternity.
  • 4th Year had opportunity to do administration in the basic wards and they had been to community field.  They were taught the research methods.

The students were exposed to additional units eg., RDT Centre, Anantapur for the field exposure for the Obstetrics & Med Surg (Specially Neurology & Unelogy care).

The 2nd GNM & 3rd B.Sc.(N) have gone to Cadabams, Bangalore for their Psychiatry exposure.

4th year GNM & BSc(N) have gone to Karigiri, Leprosy Centre for their community exposure.
The Student Nurses Association (SNA) was active through the year.

World TB Day on 24th March 2010:  They took procession in and around Arogyavaram Medical Centre campus by emphasizing on stopping TB.

In April Good Friday & Harvest Festival celebrated and all the students have participated in the sales of lunch and the amount given back to the local church (St. Luke).

The Graduation Ceremony was held in 6th August 2011 at 5.00 PM.  The first batch of BSc (N) 25 students and 2006 batch of GNM  students graduates  49 students were graduated.  Chief Guest was  Dr. Mrs. B. Esther Hema Nalini, Principal, Govt. College of Nursing, Hyderabad, Former Director of Nursing, A.P and Dr. Mrs.  Sundari Edwin, HOD, Paediatric (N) Former Nursing Supdt., CMC Hospital, Vellore was the  Guest of Honour and Lamp lighting                          Dr. Mrs. Sundari Edwin, Dr. Ms. Esther Hema Nalini, Dr. Mrs. Mary Sulakshini  Immanuel and Mrs. Sheela Wesley and Florence Nightingale pledge by Mrs. Sheela Wesley and awards presented by Ms. B. Esther Hema Nalini.  Finally Closing   prayer and Benediction by                  Rev. Devanand  Subudhi.

B.Sc., (N) Students:
Best Nurse                  -           Ms. Mercy Prabhavathy
Best Spiritual Nurse    -           Ms. Jenitha Magdalene
Best outgoing student -           Ms. Mercy Prabhavathy

GNM Students:
Best nurse                   –          Ms. Kamatchi
Best Spiritual Nurse    -           Ms. Rebeccal
Best outgoing student -           Ms. Poongodi. S        

Students also participated in HIV / AIDS workshop.

Often they took part in Sramadanam.

2nd B.Sc., (N) students 10 of them has to CMAI biennial conference along with the Tutors at Chennai.

Group of students attended SHALO and explained the activities of Arogyavaram Medical centre at CMC Hospital.

Children have taken active place in the July 19th Anniversary celebrations of Arogyavaram Medical Centre.

Sports and Games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Shuttle were conducted for children.  They also participated in the Music and Drama competitions.  All the national festivals were celebrated by the students.

All the four groups exhibited their talents in Singing and Drama competition.

The students body took additional interest in the language carrols & in all the Christmas activities.

We are happy to report the results of the B.Sc.(N) students:




First Class

I BSc (N)




II BSc (N)








IV BSc (N)




We are awaiting for GNM results.

At this time we appreciate the hard efforts of the faculty of B.Sc., & M.Sc., for guiding the students in the clinical areas and in the class room.

The APNSS team has inspected the college during this year and the Institution also underwent inspection by Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences for PC B.Sc., and for B.Sc., (N).

PC B.Sc., (N) course have been sanctioned for an intake of 20 students in this academic year.

We also thank the Director for having provided facilities for the children’s nurture and also his guidance at various levels.

Students were guided in all the walks of life.  Spiritual nurture was given to students.

As we are striving hard to prepare students who would meet the growing need of the society, may the loving Lord help us to reflect His love in and through our service.



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